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Kennay Kermani


A first look at the new Material Android library component

Foto von Harrison Haines von Pexels

The recently published Android material library version 1.4.0-alpha01 includes updates to various Material components. For example multiple bug fixes for the new of which I just wrote an article about.

But besides these updates, this library version also includes an early outlook at the upcoming exciting the component.

The Navigation rail acts as a side navigation component or sidebar and can hold from three, up to seven destination views. Each view consists of an icon and a respective label, just as we know it from the Bottom view. …


Realize an infinite social media-like feed

Photo by Maxime Lebrun on Unsplash

You may know these infinite lists from e.g. your Pinterest, TikTok, or even your Instagram “explore” feed. It makes you want to scroll and scroll but unfortunately, you will never reach the end.

Features like these can really hook up your user, in terms like Nir Eyal describes in his famous book “Hooked — How to Build Habit-Forming Products”.

Today I will show you how you can easily achieve an infinite scrolling list for a RecyclerView with a combination of Android Room and Paging 3.

To follow along with this article, as the only requirement you should know how to…

About essential Android Studio / IntelliJ Shortcuts For Faster And Efficient Coding

So, I heard you are a developer and are still navigating through your code mostly with your mouse? Pathetic!

Within this article, I show you essential shortcuts to finally enable your full potential in terms of transforming your ideas into code.

If you make use of all shortcuts I will show you, and really force yourself to stop using the mouse whenever you can, you will increase your productivity immensely.

Today we will pave your way to become a true Coding Keyboard Warrior.

Me when I see people using mostly their mouse to navigate through their code

1 General Keyboard Shortcuts

First, we will…

Make your life easier by automating your testing distribution

Foto von SpaceX von Pexels

Who hasn’t experienced this issue? You are working hard on your new Android app and finally get to the point where you have a state of your product, that you want to show off to your stakeholders.

A widely used approach is either to upload your app to the Google Play Store and use the internal testing feature for example where you can distribute your application to a set of trusted testers.

You have also the opportunity to send a direct download link to your uploaded application file.

But that is often a huge pain, especially if you have no…

And why you should commit to a saving rate for a stable financial long-term strategy

Foto von Pixabay von Pexels

Take a look at Josh. Josh works 40 hours per week and gets 2000$ on his bank account at the end of every month. After he pays his rent, there are 1400$ left.

Over the course of the month, he pays for food and free time activities with his friends. At the end of the month, he looks at his bank account again and sees there are only 50$ left: “No, this month is nothing left to save” he thinks.

This is the completely wrong approach.

Josh has no plan at all how he can effectively build up savings. In…

Foto von Felix Mittermeier von Pexels


Two quick hints on Kotlin Live Templates for using Androids LiveData

Live Templates can really make the life of us developers easier. These templates are a built-in tool within Android Studio that allows you to write pre-defined code snippets that let you add parameters while typing and are compatible with the IDEs auto-complete function (IntelliSense).

In one of my recent articles, I wrote an in-depth article about this tool and how it can facilitate your everyday life as an Android Developer. If you have no experience with Live Templates at all, I highly recommend reading that article first.

In this article, I propose two quick Live Templates that you can easily…

Photo by Dominik Schröder on Unsplash

Start your journey to Google Cloud deployment now

Getting into the world of cloud development can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. In a recent article, I already showed you how you can set up a simple Pub-Sub implementation that is often used to communicate between services.

With this tutorial, I want to bring some light onto the required steps to bring your Spring Boot application with connection to a MongoDB Atlas instance into the cloud with the help of Google Cloud or to be more specific Google Cloud Run.

To follow this article in a practical manner there are some premises for your project.

I am assuming…

How to make your life as an Android developer easier with Live Templates

Photo by Photo:N from Pexels

Live Templates are a powerful tool to facilitate the life of a developer. The feature is included in Android Studio and is available for Kotlin since version 4.0.0.

Summarized, Live Templates provide a shortcut to easy access often used code snippets with the option for customization on demand. If you didn’t know of this feature before and you are an Android Developer I can almost guarantee you that you unknowingly already used it.

Code snippets defined in form of Live templates can be included in the auto code completion (IntelliSense). Out of the box, there are already plenty of them…

How you can increase productivity and monitor your progress at the same time

Photo by Eden Constantino on Unsplash

In this article, I share the surprisingly simple but efficient concept of the Kanban Board with you and how you can make use of it to improve the success of your personal projects or even for managing your household to finally get structured and get your work done.

The history

The traditional Kan (sign) Ban (board) system was originally invented by Taiichi Ohno. It was meant to be used as an easy-to-use and lightweight planning system for optimizing the processes at the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Ohno came to this idea after a trip to the USA where he was inspired by a…

Photo by Miriam Espacio from Pexels

Books that every serious programmer should have read at least once

Books of programming topics seem to get more and more to a relic of a time long past. But in my opinion, it’s a shame that that’s happening. There are many very good books out there that even today give essential insights and manage to outlast this abnormal fast-changing field.

Therefore in this article, I want to share five of my favorite books about programming topics that in my opinion, every serious programmer should have read at least once.

Clean Code

Clean Code is the first book of the Robert C. Martin series which is also known as the clean code series…

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